Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pics around the Fashion District

Being from New York, it's pretty common for one to not take part in the city tours. Fortunately, through

a trip organized by Center for Faith and Work, I was able to take part of an unofficial tour of the Fashion 

District. Here are pics of the tour:

Needle Threading a Button

Fashions Walk of Fame

At the end of our tour, we went to Mood Fabrics. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Broadway week is in full swing here in NYC. During this time, tickets to New York's most popular shows are being sold 2 for the price of one. Since I have been fortunate enough to take advantage of seeing two shows this week, I could not pass up the opportunity to write about it.

On Tuesday, I went with one of my FABULOUS friends to see the show Annie. It was a last minute decision to go, which is typical in a city when opportunity knocks at the most unexpected times. Annie is a childhood favorite that makes one wish they had their very own Daddy Warbucks.

The show overall was a delight. Of course, the orphans stole the show especially main protagonist Annie and her sidekicks Pepper and July. The songs brought me chills, especially with my all time favorite "It's the Hard Knock Life". The only regret was that the cast for the orphans was small. I was used to the format of the 1982 film where they had numerous of orphans while in the play, there seemed to be only 7 girls. Yet, other then that, it was an excellent show.

The following day, I continued the momentum and saw Evita. I have been wanting to see this play for months but with traveling, work and just living life, the chance to go never came until Wednesday. I absolutely love the story of Evita Perón, Argentina's historic heroin. I know so many of the songs by heart and with Ricky Martin playing Che, I knew I had to see it. Yet, last week I realized that the show was having it's last performance today, January 26, and I quickly switched my plans to make time to see the show.

Evita was SPECTACULAR! I can not even find the words to describe how majestic it was but I absolutely loved it. The scenery felt realistic, imitating the Casa Rosado in Buenos Aires. Evita was played by Christina DeCicco that night (the role is usually played by Elena Roger). Overall, the play was a success. The choreography was contagious and especially during the rendition of "Buenos Aires", there were moments where I wanted to get up from my seat and dance!!

I would write more... But, I have a busy day ahead of me...

If you had a choice to see a play on Broadway during Broadway week, which play would you go see? 

Have you seen any plays on Broadway? If so, which ones?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Doctor fish in Ko Phi Phi

To conclude my time in Ko Phi Phi, I am posting a video of when my friends and I went to Doctor Fish. Doctor Fish, for those who don't know, is a place to get your feet done, but unlike any other pedicure, the fish in the tank eat the dead skin from your feet and legs.  It was an "interesting" experience... With good results ;)

Hope you enjoy it!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Photos of Ko Phi Phi

When my friends and I were planning our trip to the southern part of Thailand, we did a lot of asking around and research to see where would be the best place to go. Through the recommendation of a friend of mine, we decided on Ko Phi Phi. Some people discouraged us on going due to two things: 1. June/July is the rainy season; 2. Ko Phi Phi is known as a big party island. In the end, we decided to go there anyway.

We are so happy we chose Ko Phi Phi. It only rained once and when it did, it was only for about 5 minutes. Basically, all we did was BEACH TIME!! These are the pics from our times at the beach which we absolutely loved...

For me, the time at the beach during the day was the best. The views were beautiful, the water was great and the sun felt great on my skin. If you love the beach as I do, you know what I mean...

The night life was a different story. I have to admit, the 'college drinking/partying' scene is just not for me. And at night, that is what it was.. People walking around with buckets of alcohol while the locals tried to make a sell anything they could. Basically, Ko Phi Phi is a very "Touristy Place" so expect lots of 'Farangs' (the name for foreigners in Thailand and locals trying to make a quick buck. 

Fortunately, the beach made up for it and we all loved our time there. 

I had to put a picture of the mango with sticky rice. This was by far my favorite thing to eat at Ko Phi Phi. 

What is your type of ideal vacation? 

Are you into the "drinking/partying scene"? 

Are you more of a beach bum?

Or, are you a little bit of both?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Planes, Boats and Automobiles....

Traveling from NYC to Ko Phi Phi literally took a weekend. This was the most I have traveled at once (and I'm sure it won't be my last). 

Fortunately, with my layover in Frankfurt, Germany, the trip was broken up a bit which made the trip less of an ordeal. 

Landing in Bangkok, I was impressed with the efficiency of customs and quickly got my bags to meet my friends at the exit. 

As I walked out, I did not see them right away. So, I walked to the meeting area hoping to see them there. While I'm walking, I suddenly feel someone taking my bag! Like a New Yorker, I keep my hold on my belongings and am relieved to see my friend playing tricks on me. 

If I felt any form of jetlag, it quickly disappeared. I am so happy to see both Joy and Doris, who are living in the northern part of Thailand doing mission work at an orphanage.  

We head over to our gate for yet ANOTHER plane ride, this time to Phuket. When we walk out of the airport to board the plane, that is when it hits me: HUMIDITY. My curly hair is going to have field day in this weather... 

The flight went quickly, mainly because my friends and I talked the whole way over. Joy and Doris were so excited about the beach. Where they are living, it rains everyday and they were looking forward to some sunny weather.  

From the airport in Phuket, we head to a hostel which is located near the port where we will be taking the boat ride to Ko Phi Phi. We knew that Phuket is a popular hot spot for tourists, but we decided to spend all our time in one place and we chose Ko Phi Phi. Phuket was known to be a bit of a wild place (little did we know that Ko Phi Phi had a similar reputation). 

Though the hostel is not ideal (mold in the bedroom... do I need to go on?), the free wifi in the sitting area was a bonus. The next day, we prepare for our boat ride to Ko Phi Phi. I'm still amazed that the jetlag has not hit me yet! 

We arrive at the port and board our boat for a 2 hour ride to Ko Phi Phi. Below you can see the pictures from the boat ride. The water was beautiful and we could not wait to arrive to this paradise island...

Just leaving the port...

Thai flag blowing in the wind as we head over to Ko Phi Phi.

Tourists being tourists.

Can you see the rainbow?

Could not get enough of the water... Wanted to just jump in!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lay over in Frankfurt, Germany

With a long layover in Frankfurt, Germany, I took advantage of the moment and met up with a friend who is from there. We took the time to catch up and reminisce about our time in London last summer. Here are some photos around Frankfurt in the few hours we were there. 

I loved taking photos of the German architecture. I could not get enough of it.  

These photos are from the central part of Frankfurt.

My favorite photo of Frankfurt.

The day was rainy so we decided to order some soups; potato leek soup and goulash

Both soups were delicious. Yet, my favorite was the dessert. The apple strudle was a delightful way to end the meal...

Stay tuned for photos of my trip to Thailand which is where I am now. Happy July!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Whatsapp: my favorite app

Here I am at JFK, waiting for my flight to Bangkok, Thailand with a layover in Frankfurt, Germany.  This is just the beginning of a very busy summer to different places around the world; some new and some  familiar. 

One would think I am escaping my life in New York and that my family and friends here don’t matter to me. Quite the opposite!! Anyone who knows me, knows that I love my family and friends here at home, and that I would do anything for them. Yet, I also love my friends and family who are abroad as well. So, how does someone like myself keep in touch with everyone?.. 

Personally, I am a HUGE fan of an app called Whatsapp. Have you heard of it? It’s basically an app that is known for texting, yet it does so much more!! You can send:

Text messages
Voice messages

And... ALL FOR FREE!! What you really need is wifi, which is becoming easier to find every time I travel out. The app costs .99$ and LITERALLY, worth every penny. 

In conclusion (I feel like I am writing a persuasive essay), though it is difficult when I have to say my goodbyes either to those back home or to places I’ve recently visited, with Whatsapp, I know I can keep in touch with my friends and family in the States, The Dominican Republic, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Chile, Spain and more. With this app, I am able to live my life wherever I am and with my loved ones wherever they are :)

 How do you keep in touch with your loved ones? 

Which apps do you favor?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Does the food taste better in Brooklyn??

Okay, I'll admit it... I used to be not a huge fan of Brooklyn. In comparison to where I live, Brooklyn was always too far which made it a huge inconvenience to me to get there. Yet, in the past years, I have become more familiar with places like Bushwick, Williamsburg and Park Slope. As a result, my opinion has changed... Especially about dining in Brooklyn.

More likely then not, I have had nothing but a positive experience when I eat out in Brooklyn. The dishes seem to be more exotic and creative, which makes any meal time a fusion of flavors that are unforgettable.

This weekend, a group of us went to Cafe Ghia in Bushwick. My friends have eaten there before and when it came to making a choice of what to order, it was difficult because they have loved everything they have tried on the menu. We decided to get the Roasted Beet Salad with Goat Cheese which are the first pics you see here.

I was amazed by the light color of the beets. On a hot day like it was in New York today, the salad was a refreshing start...

For a main entree, my friend Kim ordered the Grass-Fed Burger with Vermont Cheddar, Roasted Tomato Aioli and Alfalfa Sprouts. According to my friend Juliet, Gia serves the best burgers...

My friend TJ and I ordered the Pulled Pork which was served with Cole Slaw on top of a slice of Cornbread. Just by writing about the dish and looking at it now, its making my mouth water....

Julieth ordered the Steak of the day served with mashed potatoes... In her words, "this is how steak should taste like"...

Though we were not planning to order dessert, with just the mention of Orange Panna Cotta and Orange Chocolate Mouse from our friendly waitress, we could not pass up the chance to try both of these desserts.

My friends favored the smooth taste of the Panna Cotta.

I favored the Orange Chocolate Mousse.

Both desserts were a worthy indulgence... But, when it comes to chocolate, nothing can compete in my book.

As expected, I had yet another positive experience at a Brooklyn restaurant. And to my ever growing list of "places I would visit again", Cafe Ghia is definitely on it again, and again, and again.....

Which dish captured your eyes? Has anyone eaten out in Brooklyn? If so, where?


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