Monday, January 31, 2011

Barahona... A secret paradise.

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to spend my Christmas vacation and New Year's in the Dominican Republic (DR). Though I spent the first day in Santo Domingo (the capital), the majority of my time was spent with my family in a town called Barahona. In my opinion, Barahona is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Sure, people may say I am biased because as a child, I lived there for a time and childhood places usually have a special place in people's hearts. Nonetheless, there are other reasons why this place holds so much beauty.

When you first enter the town of Barahona and pass through the entrance heading south, straight ahead you can see the beautiful water. As I look ahead to the water, it feels like I am entering this heavenly place. It's funny because in the midst of the enchanting scenery of the mountains and the bay, the life in the town is filled with motorbikes. Make sure you look all ways when crossing the street.

Unlike some other towns in the DR that have been overly invaded with resorts and outside businesses, Barahona still retains that small town feel. The people there are welcoming and helpful. Although one should ALWAYS be weary of strangers anywhere they go, the people of Barahona are hospitable and enjoy seeing tourists come to their "secret paradise".


  1. Hey!

    Yeah, I'm hoping to go there again sometime next year... So, I will be taking my new camera this time and I'll be taking a lot of pics... Stay tuned ;)


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