Friday, February 11, 2011

The Frick Collection

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to visit the Frick Collection which is on East 70th street. Between 11 and 1 on Sundays, you can donate the amount of your choice which is a great bargain considering that the normal price is 19$.

The actual museum itself was originally the home of Henry Clay Frick, who was an industrialist that had a passion for art. When you enter the museum, it is almost hard to believe that someone lived in such a place. Maybe it is because Henry Clay Frick built his home with the intention of it becoming a museum after his death.

As I walked around, studying the different paintings, certain ones stood out to me. The Four Seasons: Winter painted by Francois Boucher, really caught my eye. Boucher had a painting of each season, but winter was interesting to me. You can see this painting here:$22690*1463127

To me, it is a beautiful painting. The young woman in the painting looks gorgeous with her coat slightly off her shoulders with a look in her eyes that is almost flirtatious. Yet, I can not help but notice what the young woman is wearing in the middle of winter.  Honestly, what woman would be out in the cold baring the top part of her body like that. It is evident that it is a very chilly scene because there is snow and ice everywhere. Plus, the gentleman who is pushing her in the sled is heavily dressed from head to toe for what seems to be a bitterly cold outing. Ladies, would you wear an outfit like this in freezing conditions for the sake of fashion? Hmmm... I know some of us have.

Another painting that caught my eye was Lady Hamilton. You can see the painting here:$22690

In the painting, I found Lady Hamilton as youthful and hopeful.  She looks as if she has her whole life ahead of her and she gives you the sense of innocence.  Her sweet demeanor made me want to know more about her life.  As it turns out, Lady Hamilton's life was filled with scandals, from living the life of a mistress to exhausting her funds and living in debtor's prison. I was sadden to hear how life turned out for this pretty young girl.  This kind of reminds me of yearbooks. Have you ever gone through your yearbook and looked at the picture of a particular girl or boy and wondered how their life is today? Did they live a life of regret? Are they the same as they are in that photo? Change and growth is inevitable. Thus, the hope is that whatever change and growth comes into our lives, are ones that won't cause us to regret like Lady Hamilton.

Overall, I really enjoyed my visit at the Frick museum. What I enjoy most about looking at different types of art work is the story behind each work and how it connects to my own life. Hope you get the chance to visit the Frick Collection and see how the collections connect with you.


  1. I appreciate and understand the feelings these treasure of art evoked within you. They are truly beautiful works that stand the test of time.
    In my opinion, this museum is a hidden treasure in Manhattan, that sometimes does not get the credit it deserves, and is easily lost within the the shadow of the other great museums of NYC.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Carolyne. I look forward to hearing about your next adventure!

    Edmond D.

  2. Edmond, thanks to you and Del for taking me to this great treasure :)

  3. I love the Frick! One of my favourites. Nice commentary on Lady Hamilton.

  4. I am just simply loving your blogs! Thank you for taking the time to write them. It makes me feel closer to you and I love hearing about your adventures. Please take me to some museums next time I visit.

  5. Thanks Heidi4Real... Next time you come, I would LOVE to take you to some museums. You are invited to come anytime you want...

  6. Hi! Interesting! I hope I can go there someday...

  7. @ Baya Casar-Sy: Definitely worth the visit; if you like art, this is a place to definitely check out :)


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