Thursday, February 3, 2011

From curly to straight to both

Does your hair affect your mood? Who has used the statement "bad hair day" to excuse abnormal behavior... I know I have. Since a young age, I can remember moments where hair was a big issue. Growing up with a Dominican family on my mother's side, I learned early on the importance of getting your hair done. I remember instances where baby oil was applied in order to give my 'sun kissed curls' some moisture. I also remember the first time my mother set my hair. She washed my hair in the kitchen sink with my head upside down with me trying not to get water up my nose. Then, she would set my hair with these huge curlers that barely fit in the hair dryer once they were pinned. For an hour, I would sit, waiting for my hair to be dry. Throughout the entire process, I felt tortured and I hated that I was not able to go outside and play with my brother. But then, once I was done and saw how my hair looked, I became pleased with the results. My hair was manageable and easy to style. Plus, the compliments that came from various people (teacher, classmates, etc.) made me feel it was worth it to go through the weekly ritual of setting my hair.

Yet, when college came around, going to a salon was not an option and living the college life seemed more important then spending 2 hours in my dorm room doing my hair. So, I went natural: curly. The change was incredibly freeing! It took me less time to primp my hair and the reactions I got were surprising... People loved my curly hair! I was shocked! I thought my hair could only look good if it was straight. That was when it hit me. My hair looks good depending on how I see it. What do I like? Do I want my hair to be curly or straight (or wavy)? Do I want my hair up or down? Should I wear a clip or not? This may seem so basic to some of you out there, but for some people out there that grew up going to a salon as a weekly custom or where hair was a big part of your childhood, you can understand where I am coming from. In addition, the important thing is if we take care of our mane by conditioning it, not over washing it or whatever you need to do to keep it healthy, then we are good to go. If we like what we got, others may like it too. And if they don't, who cares.

So, how am I wearing my hair these days? I go back and forth. Some days I wear it curly and some days straight. It depends on what I want. To make things easier, I found this place in Manhattan on 207th and broadway called Hairmatics. If you have curly hair like me and want to get your hair straight, this is the place to go. It is like the 'fast food' version of hair salons. They are fast (which is a definite plus) and on Mondays through Thursdays they are super cheap going as low as 16$ (typical price is sometimes 25$). I try to go when it is convenient for me, yet with this crazy weather, my best option is to wear it curly for a couple of days.

What about you? Do you have any "hair" stories to tell? I'd love to hear them.


  1. Three ingredients to watch out for when selecting hair products:

    1. Sodium
    2. Ammonium laureth sulfate
    3. Silicones, ie.. dimethicone.

  2. Find your hair type:

  3. Hair Products:

    Carol's Daughter: Hair Milk Lite Curl Booster, Curl Definer and Tui Joboba and Shea Butter Hair Sheen.

    Miss Jessies (This is the best stuff on earth). Creme De La Curl Cleansing Creme, Creme De La Creme Conditioner, Quick Curls, Rapid Recovery and Baby Buttecreme.


  4. Thanks for posting :)

    I checked out the site to see which curly hair I am. I think I am a 3C and the good news is that I am already doing what I am supposed to do with my hair :)

  5. I love this post. I totally relate. I also grew up in a Dominican home and as you know for some reason curly hair is not the acceptable norm. Everyone wants straight hair. So every weekend my step-mom would do mine and my sister's hair. She is actually a hair stylist so imagine the pressure!

    Many years later, I decided to embrace my natural curly hair. It took a long time to learn to manage and to accept it, even when some had negative comments. Now, I love it and the more I love it the more I realize others love it too.

    So, truly it is about accepting your hair naturally and wearing how it makes you happy!

    PS. thanks for your comment and sending me to this link. loved it! following xoxo

  6. BTW, which is the site to check what curly hair I am???

  7. @ Jennifer Rod: Thank you for your comments. It is sometimes rare to find people who can relate :) The site with the curly hair type is:

    Don't be a stranger!

  8. My hair is not curly nor is it perfectly straight. No, not wavey either. Just sort of there with a few obnoxious bends. But my mother wanted me to have curly hair. So she rolled my hair on tiny, tiny curlers that were hard to get out and caused many screams. They were hard to sleep in too - like sleeping on pencils.
    What is it with us - we spend more time trying to be different than just making the best of ourselves?

  9. @ Mya: I know what you mean... I also had to sleep with curlers as a child... It was torcher :p

    Thanks for stopping by :D


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