Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Playa Azul

Whenever I go to the Dominican Republic and visit the town of Barahona, I have the luxury of staying with my family. Yet, at any free moment, my cousins and I take the opportunity to spend an afternoon at a hotel called Playa Azul. At Playa Azul, we can use the beach and the pool at the cost of ordering an item on the hotel's menu. The first time that my cousin Ana took me to Playa Azul, was when the hotel was still in its construction period. The only thing that was available was the beach. Though the waters are rough and you swim at your own risk, the view is spectacular. The area is very quiet and serene because not many people know about this hidden spot. Since our first visit, my family and I have gone to Playa Azul to use the pool mainly because it was safer and more convenient. The pool is near the restaurant and the beach chairs and table add to the relaxing experience. My only regret of my last visit is that I did not take enough pictures of my last trip to Playa Azul...

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