Thursday, February 17, 2011

When you have a "sweet" craving...

   Tiramisu, fruit tarts, cupcakes and more... Martha's Country Bakery at 36-21 Ditmars Blvd. in Astoria is a delightful escape from the mundane of everyday life. After a busy day, my friend Chrisy and I would meet up at this delightful corner bakery to get some serious RNR.
   From the moment you walk in, your spirits rise. The lighting showcases the vast variety of choices that can overwhelm the eye. On one of my visits, I had the red velvet cake. It was delicious and on my recent visit with my mother (that's right, took my mom Santa out for a treat), I suggested the red velvet cake to her. Yet, she chose to take it a step further and picked the red velvet cheesecake (which is on the right). It was double the enjoyment for her to have both cheesecake and velvet cake in one.

When it came to my turn to selecting a dessert...

It was not easy...

But since I am a HUGE chocolate fanatic, I had the...

Seven  Layer Chocolate Cake! This cake was outstanding. As I'm writing this blog, my mouth is still watering from the taste of this cake. If you LOVE chocolate, this dessert will not disappoint.

Here is your escape! Whenever life is too crazy and you are in this area of Queens, treat yourself with a treat at Martha's Country Bakery... Oh, and for an added bonus... If you are a fan of the Greek frappe, this place has it.

καληνύχτα  (That means, "Good night" in Greek... What can I say, I am a language teacher).


  1. thanks for visiting Belgiumswings !!
    you should come check out the bakeries over here :-)

  2. Oh my word, what a cake! That must have put you back a bit!

    Nice blog, follow mine too:

  3. Thanks Anni for the invite... I know that the bakeries in Belgium have to be out of this world :)

  4. Hi Duncan; yes, the cakes were so big. We had to take them home because we just could not finish them :)

    I will definitely check out your site; thanks for following mine!

  5. That looks delicious ><
    I'm so hungry right now.. ha3
    nice blog btw~

  6. Thanks Inggrid/Cia2; it really was YUMMY ;)

  7. Holy smokes! What a cake!! Its almost too beautiful to eat (almost lol). Beautiful pictures! So is your blog mostly going to be about NYC shops and food, or are you aiming to go outside that circle?

  8. Hey Day-Dreamin' Optismist :) I do plan on posting outside that circle of NYC shops & food... I hope to talk about what's going on around NYC because that is where I am right now, but eventually I will be in other places too and I will be writing about those adventures. Plus, I am big time reflector, so basically, it can be at times be about anything...

  9. Mmmm those cakes look really good, I want them now haha

  10. Whoa! Thanks for leaving a comment on my tiramisu. Actually, this red-velvet-thing looks incredibly sweet and good!! Next time you go there, dare eating one for me as well.


  11. @Anything Place: I want one now too... Even if it is just a spoonful...

    @Chipotlepunk: The red velvet cheese cake was really sweet. Next time I go, I might just go for the Tiramisu after seeing your picture...

  12. oh my!!!! Can I eat both!!!!!!!!!!!! yummy!!

  13. Yes you can Jo... For you and the baby ;)

  14. I can't stop looking at all these photos of food on your blog LOL! :-)

  15. @ CrilovesJapan: Don't worry there is more to come :)

  16. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! that looks AMAZING! I love how they decorate eac plate with hearts or flowers. Must visit this place once I am back in NYC <3
    Lovely blog! You take amazing pictures!!

    Regarding your comment on my blog. I have a really crappy camera right now. I love it, I do. hehe But, I am waiting to get a DSLR soon. The lighting I got was using both backlight and light in the front without flash. I am not even sure if those are real terms lol since I don't know much about photography. I play with all the settings till I like what comes out hehe

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I will now follow yours :)


  17. @ Previously Owned: Thanks for your comment! Yeah, this place is great place to go if you happen to be in Astoria. Oh, you sound like an expert when you are talking about your camera. I think that is awesome that you experiment so much; that is how you learn. I just got a Cannon SLR camera and I love it! I am still trying to figure out all the settings, but having fun doing it ;)

  18. Most of the time I love living in Boulder, CO but when I see bakeries like this I just can't stand all the tofu and sprouts coming out my ears!
    I need to find something like this around here but everyone is OCD about being skinny.

  19. @ Rosey: Being so OCD like that is not so good... A little bit of sweet does hurt now and then ;)

  20. Hope to go in NYC to follow your good plans ! Thanks for your comment, hope to see you again !



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