Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Time for a new camera

As I was posting my pictures on my blog, I noticed two things... One, I did not take enough pictures; two, I need to buy a new camera. In the past year, I have been using my phone to take pictures. It is kind of ironic that I would even use the camera on my phone considering that a couple of years ago, I was so against the idea of having a camera on a phone. For some reason, I am not a huge fan of combining two different technologies (is that how you would say it?) into one. I even put off upgrading my phone because I did not want a phone with a camera. I know, that is a very stubborn and silly mindset. Well, eventually I got over it; I even went as far as getting a microwave with a built in recorder/radio.

Once I got the Iphone a year and a half ago, I took advantage of using it to take pictures. Overall, I can not complain about the iphone and the pictures that it takes. Yet, I think I would be more motivated and more willing to take pictures if I had a device that just took pictures. So, I am now looking into buying a camera. As I googled to see what was out there and what would be the best option out there, I have to admit that I am already biased and am looking into going for a Canon. In the past, I was always impressed with the photos taken by a Canon camera. It even came to a point that when I saw a great photo, I would ask, "Is your camera a Canon?"... And you know what, most of the time I was right. So, looking at the various reviews of the different types of cameras out there, I believe I have found the one I am looking for: A Canon EOS digital SLR. Now, if any of you out there have any input or thoughts to help me with my search, they are most welcome... I'll keep you updated...


  1. Me encanta tu idea, y prometo seguirte. Espero que compres tu cámara antes de venirte a Canarias porque de esta visita tenemos que sacar un gran reportaje!
    Besos, can´t wait!!!

  2. Rebeca, me encanta que me vas a seguir :) No sabes las ganas de verte!!

    Hoy, quise comprar la camera pero mi carro está congelado y no puedo sacarse del parqueo... Ojalá, pronto...


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