Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brasilia, Brasil: Uma cidade moderna

For the last stretch of my trip, I spent it in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Brasilia was technically constructed to become the modern capital of Brazil. The design of the city is in the shape of a plane, with modern buildings and structures that have a futuristic touch to them. Here is just of couple of things that I did in my last days in Brazil:
  • Arrived in Fernanda's apartment which is meticulously designed in purple; had to be one of the cutest apartments I have ever stayed in.
  • Went to the downtown section of this futuristic looking city. Here are pictures of the governmental buildings in Brasilia:

    • Brasilia's own Central park. In Brasilia, physical fitness is greatly valued. Within the park there was:

    Doesn't this look like a playground for children? It is actually an exercise center for senior citizens

    This is the outdoor showers at the park. 

    • Crepes Flashback!! This time in Brasilia. If you like cheese, this crepe would have satisfied you.. Yummy...

    • Went to the tower in the central part of the city to see the view of Brasilia. Unlike the Empire State Building, it is free to go up and see the majestic scenery.

    The height of the buildings in the central part of Brasilia are regulated by the government so to create order. 

    This highway is known as the "tesoura" which means scissors because it curves like the handle of a pair of scissors.

    This is a stadium that is being built for the upcoming World Cup in 2014.

    • When we came down from the tower, we went to the flea market which is right under the tower. Saw many crafts and things there from from t-shirts to indigenous musical instruments.

    • American Football in Brazil?? I HAD to post this...

    • Visited the outskirts of Brasilia and crossed the famous "Ponte JK".

    • After we crossed the bridge, we went to memorial for Don Bosco who had a prophetic dream about the city of Brasilia.  From here, we took photos of the central part of Brasilia.

    • The president's palace was one of our last tourist sites to visit in Brasilia.  Unlike most homes of presidents from around the world, this home was very modern.

    Outside the palace, there was a guard that stood still in the style of the Queen's guard in England.

    • As we drove away from the president's palace, we stopped to see the lowering of the Brazilian flag.

    • Lastly, for my last night in Brazil (sniffle, sniffle :( ...), we went to a Churrascaria.  This was an all you can eat restaurant with the main course being every type off Brazilian BBQ. Instead of getting up and serving ourselves, the waiters would come by with a particular type of meat for us to chose from.

    • Fly back to NYC
    Well, this is end of my trip. I plan to post maybe two more posts reflecting on two aspects on the life in Brazil that stood out to me.

    I am now back in NY and trying to get back to the rhythm of things here. Brazil has really stolen my heart; not only for it's speechless beauty scenic wise, but mainly for the people. I want to dedicate this post to the people I have met there:

    Alice, Vania, Ana, Camilo, Liana, Bruno, Gabriel, Marcelo y finalmente, Fernanda.

    *Thank you all for such a memorable experience; know that you have a house in NY waiting for your visit.

    *Gracias a todos por una experiencia memorable; sepa que ustedes tiene una casa en NY esperándoles pos su visita.

    *Obrigada a todos por uma experiência memorável, sabe que você tem uma casa em NY à espera depois de sua visita.


    1. looks like you have a great vacation :D Brassilia seems like a very interesting city to visit :)


    2. hmm those creped look awesome
      and nice shots as always :)


    3. @ TigerLily: It was a great vacation; Rio and Brasilia surpassed my expectations.

      @ mac-and-me: Thanks as always; I'm learning with the camera... Slowly, but surely :)

    4. nice photos - love the one with the lake and the food - delicioso!!

    5. I think your trip was a resounding success! The hubby and I are planning to go for the World Cup so we must make sure to visit that yummy crepe place you went to!

    6. Hi there

      Wow - fantastic pictures and I would really like to visit one day 'sigh' - New York, Canadian Rockies, now Brazil, roll on to the end of my uni course (which I am loving though)

      I am looking forward to your next posts:):)
      Olga from http://revedoa.blogspot.com

    7. Enjoyed your photos! Thanks for sharing them. Thanks also for stopping by my blog. It's nice to meet you!

    8. Good blog! Is fantastic! I´m following you!

      Please, follow my blog:


    9. This is absolutely amazing. I hope to go there one day. lovely blog :)

      http://opinionslave.blogspot.com x

    10. oh hon i lived through those beautiful pics u took. i wish i had been there. im so glad u had a great time! i cant wait 4 ur next cpl of post about Brazil.

    11. i want one of those crepes. they look delicious. come check out my blog!

    12. This is so awesome! Im so happy you went to Brazil. It's looks so beautiful. Visitinb Brazil is definitely on my list of things to do someday. I love their food <3

    13. Wow such beautiful shots! I feel like you gave me a tour! haha This is really great!

    14. nice pictures :)

    15. This looks like an amazing trip! I always wanted to visit Brazil. The city is absolutely amazing, just beautiful! Love your blog, thank you for this post! Now following, of course. Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


    16. All your photos are incredible beautiful !!
      I liked :))
      Your text is also interesting ! bravo !


    17. @ Yajaira: Thanks; I actually wish that I took more photos of the food. It really was delicioso.

      @ Parsley Sage: It was a success. I'm also planning on going to the World Cup in 2014!! I was so hooked this summer; that summer is going to be OUTSTANDING... Oh, and the Crepe place is Crepe au Chocolat. Definitely worth it.

    18. @ Olga W: All those sound like great places to visit. I've never been to the Rockies; maybe I should put that on my list :)

      Karen Lange: Nice to meet you too Karen.

      Olavo Marques: I'm glad you like it. I tried to learn some portuguese while I was in Brazil... I still have a lot of learning to do ;)

    19. @ Francesca: Thanks for stopping by :)

      @ Lynn's Life: Yeah, I was hoping you could live vicariously through the photos ;)

      @ Kenneth Mooney: I could go for one of those crepes right now...

    20. @ Jennifer Rod:The food was incredible... Definitely worth it for just the food!!

      @ Previously Owned: I'm glad it felt like a tour :)

      @ Farewell: Thanks :)

    21. @ Annabelle Fleur: Thanks for stopping by and following.. Just checked out your blog and I am now following ;)

      @ Mahon: Love that you like my photos and the text ;)

    22. Love the purple apartment…
      The exercise center for senior citizen looks exactly like a play ground – yes it does indeed…
      The crepe would have satisfied, no doubt – yummy is right!
      I can see why Brazil and its people have stolen your heart!
      ~ Debra

    23. Hello Senorita! Wow nice place! I have not seen Brazil city before. Thanks for showing the photos. I like that scissors highway! And of course the purple apartment is so tasteful done.

    24. Those crepes are enough to make me want to hop the next plane to Brazil. Yum yum!

    25. love brasil! Hope one day to go there!


    26. fantastic pics,i like Brasilia from your view!:)) thank u so much for your comment!!i'll be following u from now on google!;)

    27. @ Debra: Yes, I can not hide my passion for Brazil... LOL, yes from far away, the exercise center looks like a playground. Thanks for your comments; love reading them :)

      @ Stephanie: Every construction in Brasilia is done with a modern touch, thus the scissors highways :) Oh, and I loved that apartment too...

      @ ladyliberty: Trust me, it is worth the trip ;)

    28. @ Sisters and sisters: Hope you get the chance to go :)

      @ *chameleon*: Thank you for your comment and for following; I'm following you too ;)

    29. your blog looks so interesting
      I liked it:)

    30. wow! looks like you had the time of your life :) i hope i can visit someday this lovely country!

    31. Awesome photos...looks like you had an amazing trip!

    32. Thank you :) Love your pics!! :)

    33. @ Thechocolat: Thanks for stopping by :)

      @ Patti G: I hope you get the chance to go to Brazil too!!

      @ anna: Thank you :)

    34. You have some wonderful pictures looks like fun. I myself have never went out of the country before. But because I have family from other places I think I should at least see where I am from. Also the food some looks very finger licking good.

    35. @ Charlyegirl: I'm happy that you like my photos. Definitely take the time to visit and travel to see where you are from and to learn how others live :)

    36. Beautiful photos. Some of them made me hungry!

      Congrats, you're going to be included in the Byteful Travel Blog Carnival!

    37. beautiful shots, thank you so much for sharing!

    38. This is SO amazing! I was born right there and you know more about it than me - how embarasing! Funny you are from NY? I am moving to NY on august!

      Hugs & kisses from Rio!


    Thank you for your comments; I do read all of them :) I hope to respond to each comment as soon as I can... Thanks for stopping by ;)


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