Friday, March 11, 2011

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro. Wow, what a city. From the slide show, one can see that the views are spectacular. Here is a list of other things that happened in my time there:
  • Beach time! We went to a beach which is down the street from Vania’s house.
  • Bikinis and beach wear everywhere! In this part of Brazil, it is completely normal for people to go pretty much anywhere in every type of bikini with any type of body. Here, the weather is so hot, that is a norm. 
  • Headed back to Vania’s house for a “Churrasco” which is a Brazilian barbecue to celebrate Fernanda’s birthday. This had to be one of the best barbecues I have ever eaten. Everything was savory and tender... Amazing!!

Do you know what this is? These are hearts of chicken. This is a typical item at a Churrasco.

Here it is raw on the left, cooked on the right.

  • At night, we set out to go to the Carnival in Rio. I have been to  Carnival in the Dominican Republic which was just complete mayhem and a bit dangerous. I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive about going. But then, Fernanda and her friends explained what it was really about. At Carnival, the best Samba schools compete to get the number one position. This completely calmed my fears and I was excited to see some SAMBA :)
  • We arrived in the central part of Rio where the competition was taking place. There were so many people and from every part of the world to be at Carnival. Unfortunately, the ticket price went up and we were not able to get in. We were only able to see what was going on just outside the stadium. Eventually, we left tired and wiped out...
  • On our way home, we ran into another Carnival celebration that was taking place in one of the neighboring towns. Now, even though it was not the big celebration going on in downtown Rio, I really enjoyed this smaller Carnival. We were very close to the dancers and the children dancing the Samba were impressive(I will try to post pictures of this night tomorrow)

  • The following day, we took the day to see all the popular beach hot spots around Rio. 

  • From “Very Afluent” Leblon, 

  • “Beach City” Barra da Tijuca

  • “Party town” Ipanema

  • and “The Famous” Copacabana. I have never beach hopped so much in one day!!
  • On our last day in Rio, I finally woke up early enough to make the pancakes for everyone, which were a huge hit! 

  • Cristo Redentor: The famous statue that overlooks the entire city of Rio. This massive statue overlooks the city and is a symbol of Rio. Though it was cloudy, we trecked up the mountain and took some pictures. And the views... Intense!!

  • At night, we said goodbye to Vania and flew to Brasilia which is where Fernanda, Marcelo & Ana live. 
More pictures are on their way!!  


  1. YAY!!! SO fun!!! Love the pics! ....ahem, minus the chicken hearts :?

  2. wow fun
    great pictures
    except the chicken hearts - i wouldn't eat that

  3. Brazil is DEFINETELY on my list of places to visit (and how silly is it that the main reason is to visit and take pictures of/in front of that massive Jesus statue! Looks like a great time and yeah, minus the chicken hearts! There are just some things that don't need to be eaten :)

  4. Sounds fantastic, apart from the food (just looking at the chicken hearts makes me sick a bit.)!
    Great photos by the way!

  5. It looks so beautiful...& warm!! Looks like a great vacation.

  6. @ STYLE FILE:NYC: I have so many photos to post!! I know what you mean about the chicken hearts...

    @ Yajaira: Thanks and yeah, I hear you about the hearts..

    @ Baby Budget Blog: Brazil will not disappoint... Definitely worth the visit :)
    Trust me you are not the only one who feels that way about the statue. Everyone was pushing shoving to take a picture in front of the statue. Every time the clouds broke, everyone was going crazy in different languages saying "Quick! Take the picture"... The chicken hearts were actually not that bad; tasted like sausage..

  7. @ Marie: Yeah, I was not sure if I should or should not put up the photos; glad I did ;)

    @ Andrea B.: It is so warm here and in Rio, it is really humid :p

  8. Amazing pictures, but chicken heart... thanks no :)

  9. @ mac-and-me: Thanks; your missing out with the chicken hearts!!

  10. You're having the best trip ever. Even the detour from the massive samba carnival stadium sent you to the tiny, more intimate one :)

  11. The Christ the Redeemer statue seems to be the most striking picture. The hot and humid weather sounds very much like Malaysia!

  12. I'm so jealous!! I hope you enjoy your time there. :) And I love your curls in that picture.

  13. @ Parsley Sage: The detour was a bonus surprise for me; I loved the fact that I could actually look into the dancers eyes and take pictures with them.

    @ Duncan: The statue is beyond words. I bet it is as hot in Malayasia is it is in Rio.

    @ Blank Musings: In the humidity, I had no control with my hair... Fortunately, it behaved :)

  14. Thanks for sharing Carolyne, I've never been there, but it sure sounds like there's lots of things to do.

  15. Wow - its great to see and read about your holiday experiences - what a great guide for my next holiday - sigh - one day perhaps:):):)

    Olga from

  16. @ Marja: There are a lot of things to do...

    @ Olga: I hope you get to go some day too...

  17. Wow! How fun! Thanks for sharing your trip and thanks for the wisdom regarding being a teacher for my son. I have enjoyed getting to know you.

  18. @ Shanae: I have enjoyed getting to know you as well Shanae :)

  19. Loved all the pictures! Loved to hear that you loved being in my hometown! I just ate dinner and am so hungry again after looking at some many pics with yummy food. And, people up here, CHICKEN HEARTS are YUMMY!!!! They look kinda weird, but taste SO good!

    Loved your blog, I will be back always :-)

  20. Thank you for your comment Ana. I grew to like the chicken hearts!!


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