Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Heart of Dixie

For a little over a week, I have had the opportunity to escape the chilly weather of New York and find refuge in sunny Alabama. My church had an outreach here titled “A time to build” where the main focus was to help bring down the racial barriers that exist within the churches in Alabama. It was an incredible experience and it was truly an honor to serve and connect with the people I met here.
My group and I visited 3 main cities here in Alabama: Opelika, Auburn & Selma. If you don’t know much about American history, definitely take the time to check it out. I am a fan of history, but typically I am more interested in European and Latin American history. Yet, since my trip here to Alabama, I have become more drawn to know more about what happened here and the bravery that existed in the people that fought against injustice (and who still fight it today). These shots are from my first couple days in Opelika, Alabama. Hope you enjoy some of the photos of our “Sweet Alabama”, known as “The Heart of Dixie”. 

The azaleas are in bloom in Alabama...

This is downtown Opelika.

Since it was Sunday, all the stores were closed but I loved the inside of this shop; it made me feel like I was back in the day...

Sweet potato fries and ...

Shrimp Po-Boy.

You know what this is? This is buttered fried pound cake with ice cream and chocolate syrup. Dangerously delicious...

Have you been to Alabama?
What comes to mind when you think of Alabama


  1. Welcome back ! you probably will find this hard to believe but I know Alabama better than any other place in the US ! I have been there many many times because I have family in AL ! great posting ! looks familiar, your pictures capture the essence. Greetings from rainy Brussels, anni

  2. Hi again, I put a link to your blog and your posting on Alabama on the facebook account of Linda Vice, she is director of the Southwest Alabama Regional Office of Tourism and Film in Thomasville.I know she and all her readers will be thrilled by your posting !

  3. That sounds like a pretty incredible trip. Opelika looks lovely and that po boy...wow. I need some of that.

    Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip. Very inspiring!

  4. I did enjoy your comments as posted on my Facebook page by my cousin Anni. There is so much here in Alabama. Check out my blog "The Front Porch Philosopher". It is like getting letters form home for those who love the Deep South. Glad you come here. Next time let me show you the rural South.

  5. I love your shots of the storefronts - it looks like a scene off a movie set! That pound cake looks to die for :-) There's something about the south and their fried foods that I just can't resist.

  6. @ mac-and-me: Thanks :)

    @ Anni: Thank you so much for forwarding my post!! Since you have been there, it means a lot to me that you found my post accurate. Oh, and I love that you forwarded my blog to Linda Vice :)

    @ Parsley Sage: It has been amazing...

  7. @ linda Vice: I'm glad you enjoyed my post. I truly fell in love with Alabama. Stay tuned for more posts :)

    @ Andrea B.: I thought the same thing!! I had to take pictures of the store front because it reminded me also of an old movie. And the food is unlike anything we get up north...

  8. omg i love sweet potato fries and shrimp together! thats actually one of my favorite combos...SO good! thanks for commenting my blog btw :)

  9. Hi there

    I loved the post and photos about AL - one day (sigh) big trip coming up I think. Its fantastic to note that people are working to break down the barriers. At the moment I am bogged down in uni assignments - but its self inflicted and I love a challenge. I have to say though if I ever make to the US I am going to put on some serious weight - that desert omg.mmmm my mouth is watering and I have just had brekky:):) the photo of the shop was great - I would love to have a look around...

    Olga from http://revedoa@blogspot.com

  10. OMG that food looks amazing..gorge photos

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  11. Beautiful pictures! They make me proud to be from the South :)

  12. What a pretty little town. The food is one of my all time favorite things to eat. Everything looks so yummy, that it has my mouth watering.
    I think you and your group are doing a wonderful thing. Keep up the good work :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog and hope to see you again soon.

  13. Thanks for your visit and lovely comment on my blog! Have never been to AL - the closest we've been is KY. Lovely photos of your visit there!

  14. Wow that pound cake looks delicious! We have never even heard of it before. Alabama makes us think of the film Sweet home alabama, it looks quite different in your pictures though!
    Thanks for the sweet comment by the way, we really love your blog so if you decide to follow us we will definitely follow you back!

    Leah and Georgia ♥


  15. Very lovely sight......i have to steal some pictures for my blog.....wow!!!! Would be glad if you can follow me


  16. ohh yumm that looks really good:) now I'm wondering what I should eat.. and how awesome your church did this with you:) Awesome idea!

  17. I'd like to go to Alabama, one day! Sweet home Alabama! haha :)

  18. I love the fact that there are still places where stores are closed on Sundays and I'm assuming that it's because Sunday's are still for Church and Family! Awesome pictures too!

    Thank you for the visit and your comment was Right On!! I really like your blog and attitude! Following and will be back!!
    Coreen xoxo

  19. hi honey! thanks for stoping by, such a cute blog, I follow you now and I hope you follow me back at www.andreateira.blogspot.com

  20. What an amazing trip!
    Gorgeous pics!
    I used to live in Atlnata so I have been to Alabama a bunch of times :)


  21. Great photos and hope I have the opportunity to visit Alabama too! Especially to experience the food since I'm a food enthusiast ;) Will be following you to see more great places through your eyes!

    Thanks for sharing!

  22. Thanks for stopping by Living A-eight...target dollar section is the best for seasonal trinkets (like bee hats for babies). Hope to hear from you again soon! Andrea
    P.S. The food pictures you just posted made my mouth water...so tasty.

  23. You have such an interessting blog! Love the pictures! Hope to see more here! :)
    Just started to follow! :)

  24. Thanks for your visit and comment. I have visited the US several times but have never been to the southern states. I long to visit. They look so different.

  25. What comes to my mind? "Sweet home Alabama..." :D

    Great photos! Looks very clean and peaceful there!


    P.S. Thanks for ur sweet comment! :) Would you like to follow each other? Would be fun! :)

  26. Thanks for following, follow u too now. ;)

    Forgot to say that I haven't been to Alabama, but I've been to NYC, Philadelphia, Gettysburg and Washingon D.C. in 2004. :) Would be time to get back to US again and see some new places! My second cousins and gradma's brother live there. :)

  27. wow, sounds like a powerful trip! Also what you did sounds very empowering. I wish I could eat that dessert you had! Mmm!!


  28. Signorita
    thanks for stopping by my blog! so nice of you, and your photos are making me drool. I just had a root canal, or I'd want to indulge in all these foods you've shown here. The towns with the little slanted parking spots are always my favorite nostalgic spots, aren't they! Sounds like a wonderful trip. Stay warm! Your blog is lovely.

  29. wow nice pics : )

    cute blog you have here <3
    i´m following, follow me back ?


  30. That sounds like a moving trip. Delicious food too!

  31. Wow fantastic blog! I love to travel and these days watching travel pictures. Thanks for visiting Cruise Picture
    and the comment. Following you and hope to see more pictures from you.

  32. Thank you for your comment on my blog :)
    Lovely photos of Alabama - it looks like a great place to visit! Those sweet potato fries look delicious too, I must try them!

    Stop by my blog again soon

    Bex xox


  33. enjoyed ur post.. Nice to know u.. and hoping to visit alabama one day ..

    New to ur space n happy to follow u for more wonderful moments..

    Do visit me when u get time dear .

  34. Hi! Thanks for your lovely comment. Those sweet potato fries are making me hungry :)


  35. perfect shots for wordless, food looks yummy...Hope to see you around..... mine is up!

  36. This is such a fabulous missions trip! I've never been to Alabama but I really would love to go. Also that food looks so insanely delicious!

  37. dont know if my comment went throug. thanks for the lovely comment and you have to make oz a destination one day and im in love with the states, trying to make it yearly!



  38. Amazing pictures!



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