Wednesday, May 11, 2011

La Palma: Parte 1

Just like most people who travel, my friends and I took a lot of pictures. Yet, in La Palma alone, we took over 800 photos! What can I say... We wanted to capture EVERYTHING!! 

So to begin our exploration of this island, we went down to an area called Los Llanos de Aridane. We stayed in my friend Keka's family home which overlooks the central part of the city. 

As we were walking, we noticed that there were large crowds of people around and we decided to investigate. We found out that one of the candidates for Spanish presidential election was doing some sort of campaigning in La Palma. His name is Mariano Rajoy... That's our picture with him. 

One thing that caught my eye about Los Llanos were the murals.

La Palma was definitely sunnier and greener than Tenerife, which is interesting because they are not that far away from each other.

This little boy loved this fountain; you can see him there in the background.

El jamón de España!! Translation, a whole ham from Spain... 

More photos of Los Llanos...

Little kid admiring a tree... Kind of reminds me of my favorite children's story, "The Giving Tree"
Hope you enjoyed Parte 1; more to come on La Palma en Parte 2. See you then ;)


  1. Love the post! specifically the murals

  2. Beautiful, beautiful....what a beautiful place...I loved the colors, murals, flowers, everything and the big old tree...I would truly love to visit there one day...

    Take care!!!

  3. @ Mehjabeen Arif: Thank you for stopping by :)

    @ Rohan92: Hey stranger!! Glad you liked the post; yeah, the murals are amazing...

    @ fishyfacedesigns: It is truly a beautiful place. Definite a must see place in your travels :)

  4. Great photos - you really captured some of the magic of La Palma.
    Greetings from ... La Palma!

  5. Gorgeous place! I wish I were there :)

  6. I love the photo of the tree - what a wonderful story that trucnk could tell:):)

    Olga from

  7. this place looks so ineresting! :)


  8. @ Silesia Street Look: Thanks :)

    @ Olga W: I love that photo too!

    @ Antonia: It really is :)

  9. Amazing photos - it looks so beautiful there!

  10. Senorita, I SO enjoyed your trip. Felt like I was right there with you in Los Llanos. The photo of the tree… I wonder just how old that giant is.

  11. you must have had a wonderful trip, it shows !! lovely photography

  12. BEAUTIFUL!! I can never get tired of seeing gorgeous art photos like these, I love the murals. Looks so special! -xxoo

  13. Hi there
    Its lovely to look at different places through other peoples eyes - I just love how the colours of the boys orange t shirt and shoes worked against the wonderful bark of the tree as well.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving the comment.

  14. Your photographs are always taking us away, like we are visiting the place with you.
    Thanks Señorita.......can't wait to see part2.

  15. wow those flowers and paintings

  16. Beautiful photos Señorita, you are really a photomaniac, like me ....jejejeje, I snap everything and even my nieces and nephews laugh at me about that!

    Your report about Palma is great and what a funny thing that you met the politician that very possibly will be the next President of this country.

    Hugs and kisses and keep on enjoying and snapping everywhere!

  17. What an awesome post! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I just bought a copy of "The giving tree" for my friend for her soon-to-be baby!

  18. Some wonderful photos! No doubt you have art to transform a photo into pure magic ... looking at these beautiful images, I can almost breathe the air of La Palma. I was there a few years ago on vacation and this island is really beautiful. I can not wait to see the second part ...

  19. Señorita, check the award list at

  20. What a pretty, colourful town! I wish I could be there :) Lucky you to have such a trip :) Kisses!

  21. You say La Palma was greener that Tenerife... but what side of Tenerife did you visit? Because the north is pretty much a tropical forest! The south is rather arid though... the Teide creates quite a shadow for the winds and clouds coming through and makes it rain A LOT more on the northern face of the island.


Thank you for your comments; I do read all of them :) I hope to respond to each comment as soon as I can... Thanks for stopping by ;)


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