Friday, June 24, 2011

Where is Lady on a Roof right now??

In this post, I just want to give an update on my recent travels and some things coming up here on Lady on a Roof. 
Since my trip to the Canary Islands, (which was in April) I have been visiting and traveling to a number of places. From the Canary Islands, I returned to New York which is my home base. From there, I have been to Norway and Texas and right now, believe or not, I am back in Spain! I know, it is pretty crazy that I have returned but I had some unfinished business here and so I felt the need to return (plus, I love it here!). I will be ending my travels in England where I will be for a month studying. Then, back to New York City :)
Anyway, I felt the need to give a little update of what was currently happening because I do want to post on my travels even that I am not there anymore. Hopefully you will enjoy my posts, photos and anything else that I post up. 
Also, I am almost at the 200 mark for followers and I would like to try a giveaway. Please bear with me because one, I have never done one before and two, I don't know what to give away... So, I need your help...
First, if you have done a give away before and have any advice, please post them in my comments so others and myself can learn from your experience. Second, if you would like to get a jump ahead in the giveaway, then go ahead and "like" on Facebook "Lady on a Roof" which is on the sidebar
Thank you all so much for following me and for your encouragement here on "Lady on a Roof". 
Hasta la próxima ;)


  1. What a traveller you are, thanks for this update. Good to know we have a lot to look forward to.....
    Have a great week-end and read you soon. Take care. Marie

  2. I love hearing about all your amazing travels! Enjoy your time in Spain!

    PS - I just saw a giveaway where the blogger gave away some of her fave items: an OPI nailpolish, a change purse, some granola bars, etc. I thought that was a cute idea!

  3. hey lady:-)
    just wanted to pop in and say hi...keep making life amazing! side note...I may be in the city soon! Friday night + a friends B-day = almost time for some festivities!

  4. Wow... looking forward to hearing more about your adventures! What are you going to be studying in England? (Hope you enjoy my home country btw!)

  5. Man, I wish I was still in Spain... Hope you're having an amazing time!!!

  6. Having just finished a semester of studying and having a break for a month I am also interested in what your study interests are:):) Look forward to your future posts...

    Olga from http//

  7. @ MarieHarmony: Marie, thank YOU for always being with me from the beginning :)

    @ Andrea @ Vegvacious: Thank you so much :) For the giveaway, this is a great idea. So far, I have found one prize for a woman for the giveaway... I think you would love it ;)

    @ Stephen aka "Suchie": Stephen, the internet was a little shaky last week; sorry about that. So, your going to be in NYC? Let me know when :)

  8. @ Anna: I KNOW that I will love it there... I will be getting a certification to teach English.

    @ Ashley: I'm having the best time :)

    @ Olga Walker: It's a one month program; I will be getting a certification to teach English. I will let you know how it goes. How about you?

  9. wow lovely pics....... you def enjoyed ur trip a lot...........awesome clicks

  10. @ Sheeba Asariah: Thanks, I am enjoying it :)


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