Saturday, October 8, 2011

Red Rock, Texas: An American small town

A couple of months ago, one of my good friends Frank got married in his home town of Red Rock, Texas. So my friend Doc and I flew out to this great state to celebrate Frank and Alita's big day.

To make the adventure more memorable, Doc and I decided to rent a convertible. With me, this is becoming a big trend. Two years ago for my trip to California, my friend Del and I rented a red convertible and I absolutely loved the experience. So, it was an easy decision in my mind to rent a convertible for our trip in Texas:  a bright yellow convertible...  

As Doc drove, I took photos of the drive. Here are just a few of shots of our drive.  

What I like most about these photos is that they showcase a different part of the U.S. that sometimes gets forgotten or brushed aside by the big cities like New York.

But when you think about it, the U.S. is mostly all small town. Even from New York City, if you drive north, in less than an hour, you will find small towns. And for me, you can't get more American than that. 

When Doc and I arrived to Frank's home, we were pleasantly surprised to a wedding celebration that included a texan styled barbecue. We had a blast! To show how good of a time we had in this "backyard shindig", here are our feet by the end of the wedding celebration...  

Do your feet ever look like this after a wedding??

Have you been to Texas and if so, how was your time there? 
What small towns have you been to in the U.S.?


  1. This is funny. I've lived in small towns all my life and dream of coming to New York City. Seeing you post these pictures is like...meh. I see this crap every day and have all my life. It's funny how you city folk view the country and how us country folk view the city.

  2. LOVE your pics!!! Been in Texas, but that is a long, long time ago. Visited many small, all American towns in the south west, so I share your thoughts.

  3. @ laurahartleyy: Yeah, thought it was kind of cute ;)

    @ Michael Offutt: I've lived in small towns and big cities, and for me, there is good and bad to both! Honestly, I did not appreciate living in New York until I left New York. When I returned, I really started to appreciate what was around me, which is still true to me wherever I go... So sorry, I can't relate to your reaction of... meh ;)

    @ Marja Meijers: I know you do Marja ;)

  4. I've never set foot in America, but I love the country here in Australia. I love going for drives just an hour, two hours away from the city and everything's just so clear and open. Do you get that? I love the photos by the way, the sky is gorgeously blue with the pretty clouds. It's good to have you back. :)

    Ninja-ing my way through life

  5. I have never had feet like that after a wedding! What an interesting picture! I've been to Provo, Utah back in 2002, to attend the Missionary Training Centre there back in my missionary days!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  6. I haven't been to Texas but I have relatives living there! :-)

  7. I just went to central Texas over Labor Day wknd for a funeral. Drove from Nashville. Let's just say I'm more of an airplane kinda girl. Lol. Funeral was in Buffalo, and I stayed in Waco. I don't mind visiting small towns, but I'm definitely a city girl! Glad you had a great time, though!!

  8. Oh yeah, I've had dirty feet after a beach wedding once but we had sooo much fun :) Thanks so much for your comment on my blog a while back! Visit again soon!!

  9. Awww!! This sounds like so much fun!!

  10. thank you for sharing your texas story and congrats to your friend...much love for both of them:)

  11. Cute pics!! I've never been to america :( but really want to! xx

  12. I have never been to Texas but want to so bad!

    Check out my new post if you like : )

  13. great clicks...the last one is real cute!!

  14. How fun that you rented a convertible!! I want to do that now! :)


  15. Not after a wedding, but yeah after a trekking or biking it does look like this... :(
    Btw, totally love the first shot... Fabulous...
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  16. So curious, that wedding .... all photos are beautiful and I'm delighted to discover your beautiful country through you ...

  17. I love the feet shot haha! :)

  18. -I love your blog and find it super entertaining. You have such an interesting perspective. I'm subscribing to your site via google reader! Please check out my blog when you get a chance.
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  19. fabulous photos and very clean your feet hahaha


  20. @ Michelle: Thanks Michelle, it's great to be back :) Yes, we also have that here where you can drive out about an hour out of the city and get country feel. Oh, I hope to make it to Australia one day. I met someone from there this summer and since then, Australia has definitely peaked my interest ;)

    @ Duncan D. Horne: Last month I had an opportunity to go to Utah for a long weekend... It's too bad that it did not work :(

    @ Sailor: Thanks :)

  21. @ Minna: Girl, it is time for a family get together ;)

    @ Sarah @ Pencil Skirts and Lattes: Hahaha... I hear you Sarah ;)

    @ Baby Budget Blog: Yeah, I can see that happening after a beach wedding :)

  22. @ She is Sara: It was so fun!

    @ SunnyToast: Thanks for checking out my post ;)

    @ Louise: It's time to make a visit :)

  23. sbot: Hope you get to go one day :)

    Jahn 'n Style: Thanks :)

    Rachel {Da Paura ♥}: It was so fun; you need to try it ;)

  24. Road trip!!! There really aren't many places like the US for a good road trip, and trust me I've been around! ;o)

    In a convertible too? Sweet!!!

    I've been to Texas a couple of times, but just passing through, and it didn't really leave a great impression on me. The last time was a road trip with my Dad, driving fro Mexico City to just north of Miami. I hadn't had my driver's licence for long and the HUGE trucks on the highways really made me nervous when I was behind the wheel! Not to mention the sudden downpoars that felt like someone had burst a water balloon just above the car! Of course, the moment I switched with my dad and he started driving the rain stopped. Murphy's Law!!!

    Small town USA? Not much. A few around Leesburg Virginia where I have family, but more suburbs than towns I guess.

  25. I especially like that feet shot!
    Thanks for stopping by.


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