Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Secret is out!! Lady on a Roof is in the Dominican Republic!!

¡¡Hola a todos!! Sorry to keep you all in suspense for so long... I have been too busy enjoying the warm weather down here. Once a year, I use my vacation time to come to the Dominican Republic and visit my family here. I have family in the capital which is Santo Domingo and in a town called Barahona. Each time I come, I visit both places because my goal each time (more than visiting the beaches) is to spend time with family. This visit is not any different.

I arrived early Saturday morning and since I have been here, I have been spending time with my cousins Ana and Lisa who are like sisters to me. In the capital, we may do some shopping, visit some popular spots and spend time with friends and family that are here.

For my first night here, Ana's in-laws took us to a restaurant called Adrian Tropical. That's us at the restaurant in the photo on the left (notice how I am the only one posing).

In Santo Domingo, Adrian's (which is what the restaurant is called for short) has many locations around the capital. The most popular one is right on the water in the area of the city called "El Malecon". Yet, my cousin Ana swears that this location of Adrian's make the best food. This, I would agree.

When you first sit down, everyone gets a small bowl of sancocho, which is traditional Dominican broth made with different types of meat and vegetables.

Here is a closer shot so you can see the texture of the soup... Qué rico...

Next, we got out drinks. My cousin's husband got the popular Dominican beer, Presidente.

Ana got a piña colada.

Me? I got one of my favorite drinks that I have loved since I was a little kid: Batida de Lechosa. This translates to Papaya Shake.

While we waited for our food, a musician came to entertain us with some traditional instruments from the island. 

Though the upstairs was closed off to the public, it was beautiful to look at. 

Finally, after a long wait, our food arrives. I ordered Mofongo which is a fried plantain mixed with pieces of meat. 

With my Mofonogo, I got some pieces of steak which you can see in the photo above. For me, this is a real treat because I never eat Mofongo unless I come here. 

How about you? Have you ever had Mofongo? How about any other types of Dominican dishes? If not, know that you are missing out ;)


  1. Mmmmm...had mofongo this weekend! Haven't yet been to DR but I'll def. go one of these days!!


  2. Well I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to divulge your whereabouts! Hope you are having a blast!

  3. Lucky you! This Papaya Shake looks delicious..........as for Mofongo, never tasted before but I keep it on my list to try!
    Enjoy your vacation!

  4. yumm!! i've been dying to try monfongo it looks delicious!!

  5. @ Baby Budget Blog: I'm so glad you had the chance to try mofongo.. and that you liked it! Definitely put a "Vaca to the DR" on your bucket list; it is worth the visit :)

    @ JustPatience: Thanks :)

    @ Pura Vida: Sorry for the suspense ;)

  6. @ Michael Offutt: It WAS good...

    @ MarieHarmony: Everything was delicious...

    @ Lisa: If you ever get the chance, try mofongo... It's worth it :)

  7. I like your style.


  8. Oh, lucky you to have family in such as lovely (and warm!) place!

    I'm a sucker for soup, even in hot weather, and this sancocho looks lovely :-)

  9. helloo!!!
    very nice your trip
    i wish go there someday

  10. Great photos, you really captured the feeling of Adrian's. I've never tried Batida de Lechosa before, but it sounds delicious!

  11. I have some very good friends there! They relocated there with their 4 kids last year and my friend Alison teaches English at one of the schools! I love your pictures, btw!

  12. I adore pina colada but I would gladly tried your fav drink!;) Envy u for being there!;)


  13. What a delightful tour you have shared with us. I'll have the Batida de Lechosa for starters! I have not been but would love to see this country and its beautiful beaches.


  14. @ Clara Turbay: Thanks ;)

    @ Zhu: Sancocho is such a typical dish from here... If you like soup, it's definitely for you ;)

    @ Vanessa Albuquerque: You should definitely plan to come :)

  15. @ Patricia GW: Thank you :) The drink is a must have..

    @ Linsfood: Thanks; I would love to teach English here one year...

    @ *Glam Chameleon*: I love piña coladas too, but la batida de lechosa definitely wins ;)

  16. Mofongo sounds great, I adore plantains. I will poke around for recipes. What a nice place to get to visit.

  17. So jealous! Those drinks are making me swoon. I want a vacation!!!


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