Saturday, June 16, 2012

Back from Hiatus...

I know, I know... Lady on the Roof was put on hold without a warning... What can I say; it is NOT easy up keeping a blog when life is busy :p

Well, now that things are freeing up, I'll be posting more traveling and life in New York again... I think the biggest trip this summer is my trip to.... Thailand :D

I am SUPER excited to go!! I've never been and this will be my first trip to an Asian country. My trip is in a week and before I go, I have to make sure I wrap things up here in New York because I will be literally traveling all summer.

In addition to Thailand, I will be visiting some familiar places again (Spain, Dominican Republic), but cities and towns that I have not been to yet..

I will keep you posted with posts and pics of my trips...

How about all of you? How have you been? Any fun and exciting plans for the summer??


  1. indeeed long time, have a great trip,

  2. Great to hear from you sounds like a very fun summer!

  3. I hope you will enjoy Thailand! I was there a couple of years ago and it's an interesting place. Plenty of opportunities for photography, for sure.

  4. wow congrats, cant wait for pics.

  5. @ This is Belgium: Thanks; and, let's do a better job of keeping in touch :)

    @ Pura Vida: I think it's going to be a SUPER fun summer :D

    @ Zhu: That's what I hear about Thailand. I have my camera all set to take amazing shots!!

  6. i really like your blog, have a nice trip! i'll follow you, mind to follow back? :)

  7. ooh have fun!! I've always wanted to visit Thailand. Will be looking forward to seeing your photos..great blog, btw :D

  8. that´s great! love traveling photos :)

  9. Welcome back --- what a wonderful travelling life you have! I hope that I can visit all the places that you've been :)

  10. @ Kacrates: Thanks :)

    @ anirataC: Thank you; I just started following you too..

    @ Tiffany: Thanks; can't wait to get there all the photos from my trip!!

  11. @ Dilan Dilir: Me too!!

    @ Flaviana Boni: Thanks :)

    @ Andrea B @ Vegvacious: Thanks; Hope you get that chance too...

  12. Hey! Me encantó tu comentario de apoyo!
    La operación de mi hermano parece que salió bien,
    aunque falta esperar la recuperación...

    En cualquier caso, estoy alucinando con tus fotos
    ¡Impresionantes!¡Me encanta tu blog!

    Un besito,

  13. Have a wonderful time in Thailand. It's one of my all time favorite places.


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