Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Planes, Boats and Automobiles....

Traveling from NYC to Ko Phi Phi literally took a weekend. This was the most I have traveled at once (and I'm sure it won't be my last). 

Fortunately, with my layover in Frankfurt, Germany, the trip was broken up a bit which made the trip less of an ordeal. 

Landing in Bangkok, I was impressed with the efficiency of customs and quickly got my bags to meet my friends at the exit. 

As I walked out, I did not see them right away. So, I walked to the meeting area hoping to see them there. While I'm walking, I suddenly feel someone taking my bag! Like a New Yorker, I keep my hold on my belongings and am relieved to see my friend playing tricks on me. 

If I felt any form of jetlag, it quickly disappeared. I am so happy to see both Joy and Doris, who are living in the northern part of Thailand doing mission work at an orphanage.  

We head over to our gate for yet ANOTHER plane ride, this time to Phuket. When we walk out of the airport to board the plane, that is when it hits me: HUMIDITY. My curly hair is going to have field day in this weather... 

The flight went quickly, mainly because my friends and I talked the whole way over. Joy and Doris were so excited about the beach. Where they are living, it rains everyday and they were looking forward to some sunny weather.  

From the airport in Phuket, we head to a hostel which is located near the port where we will be taking the boat ride to Ko Phi Phi. We knew that Phuket is a popular hot spot for tourists, but we decided to spend all our time in one place and we chose Ko Phi Phi. Phuket was known to be a bit of a wild place (little did we know that Ko Phi Phi had a similar reputation). 

Though the hostel is not ideal (mold in the bedroom... do I need to go on?), the free wifi in the sitting area was a bonus. The next day, we prepare for our boat ride to Ko Phi Phi. I'm still amazed that the jetlag has not hit me yet! 

We arrive at the port and board our boat for a 2 hour ride to Ko Phi Phi. Below you can see the pictures from the boat ride. The water was beautiful and we could not wait to arrive to this paradise island...

Just leaving the port...

Thai flag blowing in the wind as we head over to Ko Phi Phi.

Tourists being tourists.

Can you see the rainbow?

Could not get enough of the water... Wanted to just jump in!!


  1. are lucky! Be safe..enjoy that water!!!

  2. How fabulous! You continue to make me so envious with all your travelling. That looks like a beautiful spot!

    1. It is so beautiful :)

  3. Good golly that is GORGEOUS!!!

    I'd never really been tempted by Thailand before, but several of my friends have gone in the past couple of years and their photos have been whetting my appetite. Now you're just adding fuel to the fire!

    Someday... ;o)


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